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    Benefits of working together. First using Active Listening we will fill out your Health History. I will want to know what is going on with you and your health goals. We will create an achievable strategy for success. A viable means to initiate new behavior. Your program will be based on needs and preferences. I am a non-judgmental, accountability coach. Using an integrative approach, I work with clients on, reducing Inflammation, Digestive Health, Weight loss, Cravings, Better Sleep, Increased Energy, Stress Management, Relationships with food. Nutrition and Detoxing. I will be helping you discover the foods that work for your Bio-Individuality.  I can work with you and your health care providers, to help you reach your lifestyle and health goals. I have a six month program that is customized to each individuals needs.


    Working in my families senior care businesses, I was always healthy and interested in health. I was Bitten by a tick in 2001, not realizing the tick had given me Lyme's Disease and co-infections. My pain came along later and slowly in my joints, especially the ones with old injuries. Eventually it let to chronic fatigue and pain, bad inflammation and severe sleep problems, nervous system issues the list goes on. My family found an Integrative Functional Medicine Clinic, The Medical director there was a Doctor of Osteopathy and Homeopath. After the official Lyme's diagnosis, I was treated at the clinic by initially detoxing my body and the extensive treatment plan. Frustrated at trying to make the necessary dietary changes required to nurture and heal my body and mind. I worked with a functional nutritionist that was amazing. With the support of the above mentioned clinicians, family and friends I was able to recover in a lengthy period of time. Since I have been through Lyme's disease and am now lyme's free, my goal is to help others still dealing with lyme's and inflammation. I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.